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P Nariyal Biscuit - 100 gm


P Nariyal Biscuit - 100 gm

₹ 10 / 100.00 gm

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नारियल बिस्कुट

Patanjali biscuits, prepared cent percent of wheat flour, with no farina (maida) content, with no trisphate and cholesterol contents, to the guests. If it is given to the children, it supplements nutritious elements and water contents in the body. It also adds to the energy level to the body. It is easily digestible even for children and beneficial in constipation and stomach diseases. 0% Maida, Trans Fat, Cholesterol. More Fiber Easy to Digest Made up of pure wheat. INGREDIENTS: ole wheat flour, vegetable oil, sugar, malt extract honey milk & milk product raising agents(500(ii), 503(ii), antioxident 319, flour treatment agents(223), and enzymes , contains added artificial flavor, no added color.