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H R Sada Papad


H R Sada Papad

₹ 51 / 200.00 gm

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सादा पापड़

"Enjoy the great taste of home-made Poppadums Sada in Hindi means "Plain," and this lentil wafer is made with urad dal flour, rice flour, moong dal flour, and a pinch of black pepper. They are a staple side accompaniment in many Indian households. Also known as pappadums, these lentil wafers can be roasted on an open flame, deep fried in oil or zapped in the microwave (use the highest setting). A recipe for Papad Ki Sabzi provided on back of pack. Ingredients: Black Gram Pulse Flour, Rice Flour, Green Gram Pulse Flour, Tepary Beans Flour, Salt, Black Pepper, Peanut Oil, Asafotida, Calcium Carbonate and Sodium Bicarbonate"