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Horlicks Chocolate Delight - 1 kg


Horlicks Chocolate Delight - 1 kg

₹ 426 / 1.00 Kg

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हॉर्लिक्स चॉकलेट डिलाइट

"Horlicks Chocolate is scientifically designed and developed that caters the nutritional needs of the diet of Indian people that lacked in their controlled regular diet. It meets the requirements of essential nutrients in children including iron and vitamins to aid iron absorption. It enhances the concentration and memory of children and adults and helps in regaining their physical performance and growth. It is extremely delicious and made up of natural ingredients that were manufactured through a unique process that enhances the taste while you intake and supports in proper digestion. Horlicks is a combination of milk, malted barley and wheat with its tempting chocolate flavor that tastes great at anytime of the day. It consists of vital nutrients which help in physical and mental development of children"