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Toor Dal (Tata I- Shakti)


Toor Dal (Tata I- Shakti)

₹ 106 / 500.00 gm

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तुर दाल (टाटा आई - शक्ति )

Tata I Shakti offers you Toor Dal that differs from all natural, farm fresh dals. Tata I shakti dals are sourced from reputed, Tata-supported Indian farms, unlike most packaged dals available in retail outlets, which are imported. Tata i-Shakti Dals promise to be different from all other dals. Explore the different taste of the Toor Dal you intake offered by Tata I Shakti. Add a little different taste in the dals you prepare every day. Tata i-Shakti Dals are unpolished and have not been damaged by artificial stone powder, color or oil that are used by others to polish dals. While processing i-Shakti Dals there are no additions of marble powder (very harmful for intestines), oil polish (added fat), water polish (source of water is unknown) or leather belt polish (animal skin touch). The inherent quality of pulses and the nutrient values of dals are not compromised in i-Shakti Dals.