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Cucumber Kakree


Cucumber Kakree

₹ 10 / 250.00 gm

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Is believed that the cucumber originated in India came from. All manner of cultivation Troi is similar, the only difference in the time of planting. If the land is in the eastern districts, where the winters are not as hard, can be sown in the middle of October, so it must sow in January. Over the winter, there are places where it should be applied in the months of February and March. The sandy loam soils, the crop is good. The crop should be irrigated twice a week. The best flavor comes in hot arid climate cucumber. There are two main species - the second one in the light green and dark green fruits. These people like the first. In accordance with the customer's choice or after childbearing age should be picking fruit. The average yield per acre is approximately 75 mind.