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Himalayan Natural Mineral Water - 1ltr Bottle


Himalayan Natural Mineral Water - 1ltr Bottle

₹ 55 / 1.00 Ltr

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हिमालयन नेचुरल मिनरल वाटर

Himalayan travels from the Himalayas & comes to you in the most natural form. Pure untouched & unprocessed, Himalayan is the only internationally accepted quality natural mineral water in India. It is packed with organic minerals with a perfect pH balance so you taste the pure taste of water brought to you from the Himalayas. With this mineral water, you will Live Natural. Buy Himalayan Natural Mineral Water online now. "The appeal of this brand lies in its high quality natural water and premium imagery. It plays upon the themes of being natural and pure in an artificial world which is the perfect beverage of choice among wellness seekers. It is natures goodness gathered over 20 years in the Himalayas. Now you can savor the taste that took Himalayas 20 years to create!"